JLM has introduced a new oil additive with the chemical component Bortec. The JLM Bortec Oil Additive J06050 — in contrast to additives with Teflon and ceramics — contains no solid particles such as ash. As a result, friction between moving parts in combustion engines is reduced even further and the parts sustain less wear. Because the “friction fighter” significantly decreases resistance in the engine, fuel consumption drops and harmful emissions are reduced.

Engine oil is a compromise
Petrol and diesel engines contain numerous expensive parts that have to be lubricated to prevent them from breaking down. The better the lubrication, the longer the engine lasts and the greater the fuel efficiency.

Oil manufacturers develop oil that can be used to fill a wide variety of engines in the factory and workshop. The result is that engine oil, no matter how specifically produced or targeted, is a trade-off between multiple considerations that have to be factored into the general purpose lubricants. To further improve the performance and durability of good oil, new options for additional components are constantly being discovered and applied to additives that can be mixed into the oil afterwards.

Friction Fighter
In the past, among others, additives with Teflon and ceramics (Boron Nitride) have been produced for this purpose. Pure Boron is the latest evolution in additional components that improve additives (and therefore the oil) even further. The use of Boron means that the JLM Bortec Oil Additive J06050 contains no solid particles. This results in even greater reduction of friction, wear, fuel consumption and emissions.

To give an example: Teflon, at the time it was introduced, was an advanced chemical addition in the creation of oil additives. This component, however, contains solid particles of around 0.5 Mu (μ). Teflon products were followed by ceramic additives, but these always contained particles of around 0.25 Mu. Since every solid particle affects viscosity, lubrication and friction, an additive without solid particles would be the ideal solution. And this solution is now available.

Boron causes the friction coefficient of the JLM Bortec Oil Additive to drop to less than 0.2. On the other hand, this component has significantly enhanced the thermal stability — or the viscosity of the additive and the engine oil it is mixed with — at high temperatures and pressures. In this way Boron not only reduces friction but also ensures that engine oil is more durable and less sensitive as it ages.

For all petrol and diesel engines
Although the “old” ceramic Boron Nitride and the new particle-free, completely liquid Bortec Boron are almost identical in their frictional properties, there is a difference between the two additives. The JLM Bortec Oil Additive J06050 is suitable for all types of combustion engines of any age. Brand new engines, however, reap the most benefit from the particle-free additive because they have not yet sustained any wear.This means there is less clearance between the new parts, resulting in greater resistance and increased pressure and temperatures in the engine. JLM Bortec reduces friction, significantly lowering wear and fuel consumption.  

Mixing the additive with the engine oil in a new car reduces internal friction and starts improving engine durability. Petrol and diesel engines that have already clocked up a number of miles will likewise benefit from the JLM Bortec J06050. Any wear already in process will be slowed down, extending the life of the engine. The JLM Bortec Oil Additive is thus a complete replacement and alternative for the conventional MOS2 and Teflon additives.  

  MoS2TeflonCeramicJLM Bortec J06050
CompoundMolybdenum DisulphidePTFEBoron NitrideBoron Nitride (dissolved)
ColorBlack/greyCream White(Cream) WhiteHoney
Friction coefficent~ 0,7~ 0,6< 0,2< 0,2
Thermal stabilityMediumLowHighHigh
Particle size~ 1-3 µ< 0,5 µ~ 0,25 µn/a
Application> 5 years> 5 years> 2 yearsnew cars
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