Mike Schlup, Kalimex, JLM distributor for the United Kingdom

How long have you been selling JLM products?

I discovered JLM products almost 10 years ago when I saw their original DPF Cleaner online. JLM had minor sales of their LPG valve saver in the UK, but with growing issues surrounding DPF and diesel emissions, I could see an opportunity to take the brand national. We placed our first stock order in April 2011 and have not looked back since!

What made you decide to promote the JLM Lubricants’ brand and products?

Initially, I saw an opening for a high quality DPF cleaning additive within the UK. Diesel cars were being heavily promoted as the ‘clean alternative’ for motorists, but the downside was the complexity of the emissions’ control system, which was causing various problems for vehicle owners. JLM products offered a simple, yet effective solution that could get diesel motorists back on the road with minimal hassle. I also recognised that Gilbert shared the same ethos as me when it came to building a brand with quality products, very similar to what
I had done with our own K-Seal Coolant Leak Repair brand. Unlike other US suppliers we encountered, Gilbert was prepared to support us and adapt to the specific needs of the UK market.

What are your five bestselling JLM products and why?

DPF Clean and FlushDPF CleanerDPF Refill FluidDPF Spray and the Air and Intake EGR Cleaner. The success of these products is predominantly due to our focus on the diesel sector, but we are also seeing a sharp rise in sales for the Catalytic Exhaust Cleaner and the GDI Cleaner as our focus broadens to include petrol engines. Although JLM products tend to cost slightly more than some competitors, our customers know they are paying for something that works and solves problems. This is not just important for the professional customer, but for the motorist as well. As my mother always told me, buy cheap, buy twice. 

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