Post pandemic, DPF specialists and top tier technicians alike are telling us they are seeing more DPF problems than ever. A combination of stop-start short journey driving and a reluctance to commit to regular servicing inevitably led to more DPFs becoming blocked. And the situation has not got any better with so many people the world over now working from home.

Short journey driving points to the need for preventative measures to keep the DPF clean as there is little point cleaning the DPF without taking appropriate measures to stop it blocking up again. It is important customers listen to their technician so that the problem does not reoccur, and the right products are used to maintain the sustainability focus on Repair over Replace, Products over Parts and of course the Holy Grail – keeping workshop bills down. The JLM DPF Regen Plus and JLM Catalytic Exhaust Cleaner Diesel are proven to keep DPFs clean – even those vehicles where short journeys are the norm. Then we can look at the JLM Emissions Reducer and DPF Cleaner –best of breed products trusted by top tier specialists to clean and maintain the health of the DPF. Motorists can keep their DPF healthy in between workshop visits.

There has never been a better time to promote JLM additives as a preventative measure and of course, the DPF cleaning range as a real problem solver. They are effective, safe and do exactly what they promise on the tin.

For example, one vehicle, a Volvo V50 1.6D presented with DPF and mass air flow fault codes 2A30 Particulate Trap and 136F Mass Air Flow Sensor. The technician’s assessment quickly identified that the mass air flow fault was caused by a split boost hose which in turn was causing the DPF to block. The boost pipe was replaced and the DPF cleaned with JLM DPF Clean & Flush. Because the car had been running for many months with the boost leak an intake clean using the JLM Diesel Extreme Intake Clean was conducted. After an extended road test, the car was running like a dream and the DPF?

Nice and clean!

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