Speaking from JLM Lubricants’ headquarters in Amsterdam, JLM founder and MD Gilbert Groot said: “With the JLM GDI Injector Cleaner we are offering a unique one shot in tank additive that has been developed with a 90 strong laboratory/testing team from a world class publicly listed company. It addresses a problem that is set to grow year on year. Modern petrol cars are in the main equipped with direct fuel injection. These direct injected fuel engines present problems that traditional fuel deposit control additives cannot solve. Tighter component tolerances and higher soot/particulate production make GDI engines highly sensitive to contamination as they age. As the process is gradual, the first issue that many owners report is either an illuminated engine management light, reduced power, or excessive exhaust emissions causing failure of a roadworthiness inspection.

Cleaning-up the mess
As the fuel injectors are exposed to not only heat but also the by-products of the combustion process, contaminations become baked onto the injector tip, blocking its fine holes and altering the spray pattern. Sophisticated engine management will compensate for this injector-fouling situation, by adjusting the fuelling automatically. Yet, when the long-term fuel trim deviates beyond a typical 25% from its standard setting, the engine warning lamp is likely to illuminate, accompanied by the reduced power ‘limp home’ mode.

The challenge is not only to address the symptoms and effect a cure but also curtail future build-up. JLM Lubricants has risen to the challenge and developed its own GDI fuel additive that performs all of these tasks.

“The JLM GDI Injector Cleaner addresses these problems in a one-shot formula.  It cleans the inside of the injectors and the injector mouth, restoring fuel economy and lowering emissions. It is perfect for the aftermarket because it gives mechanics a high pedigree fully tested solution to a growing problem. Presently the options are complex because the injector has to be taken out of the engine. And with more complicated injectors there’s a risk of damaging the vehicle when trying to remove it. And of course injectors are expensive to replace. With our GDI cleaner it’s as simple as shake the bottle, pour in the tank and drive. It’s also perfect as a maintenance product on a ‘prevention before cure’ basis.”

“Our formula was put through a number of tests on real vehicles in real workshops. Within one hour of application the injection time and the emissions were restored to the factory settings on all vehicles tested*. We knew then we had a winner with this professional grade product; fit for any workshop in the 40 plus countries we distribute to, concludes Groot.”

GDI = Gasoline Direct Injection

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